We can provide you as a Freelance Contractor the necessary insurance policy for your work through an agency that will include Employers liability, Public liability and Professional indemnity insurance.  Please follow the quick and easy quote system below to arrange the relevant insurance for your Limited company.

Contractors FAQs

Employers liability

Employers liability cover protects you in the event of an employee making a legal claim against you for any injury they suffer whilst carrying out their duties for your business.  This insurance is compulsory in this package and is set at £10,000,000 indemnity.

Public Liability

This insurance provides protection for your business against injury to a member of the public or third party damage to the public by your limited company.

Professional indemnity

Your limited company is insured against any advice provided by you with this professional indemnity insurance of our product.

Directors & Officers Liability

Protection for directors of the limited company against investigations by regulators, action by creditors and employee issues.

Cyber Liability

Cyber insurance indemnifies your company from various cyber losses you may cause to others and includes cover for data breaches.

Personal Accident

This insurance product compensates the directors of the limited company in the event of injuries, disability or death caused by accidental events.

Legal Expenses

Our legal expenses insurance provides legal costs for your company, such as contract and tax disputes.